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SAKSHI Trust - Bangalore

Essentials of Sama Veda and its Music

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Author Dr. R L Kashyap
Language English
ISBN-10 8179940470
Publisher SAKSHI Trust
No. of Pages 80
Binding Softcover

This book deals with the necessary information regarding the texts, rishis, translators, connection to Upanishads and Rig Veda, etc. 

The book also delineates some aspects of Sama Veda related to music. Even though the information given here is not original, the presentation of this body of knowledge in a compact form is a highlight of this book.  

Chapter 19 is particularly interesting because of the use of relatively advanced mathematics in devising a scheme for detecting errors in the pronunciation of accents during chanting.

The last part of the book deals with the psychological powers associated with the various deities occurring in Sama mantras and the text and meaning of the associated mantras. Note that symbolism is an integral part of the meaning behind these mantras. The psychological powers associated with the deities such as the will-power, clarity of mental operations, inspiration can be developed with the help of these mantras. Understanding the meanings of words in a mantra and their deeper meanings is of great help in this process.