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SAKSHI Trust - Bangalore

Essentials of Rig Veda

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Author Dr. R L Kashyap
Language English
ISBN-10 8179940438
Publisher SAKSHI Trust
No. of Pages 100
Binding Softcover

The book summarises key ideas in the Rig Veda. This book aims at both those who have a background in Veda and those who wish to begin to understand Veda Knowledge. The one who has a background can get a perspective. Freshers will notice the magnificence of Veda Knowledge.

The book has three parts and 44 chapters. The first part has overviews on Veda Mantra, Vedic Gods, Message of Rig Veda, etc. The second Part deals with the Gods of Rig Veda. The third part has wide-ranged topics in Rig Veda and associated Mantras.

The book also draws the reader's attention towards Purusha Sukta, Creation Hymns, Intuition, Philosophical insights, the experience of the supreme being, Healing plants and thoughts, etc. The appendix of the book contains Women Rishis in Rig Veda Samhita.