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SAKSHI Trust - Bangalore

Essentials of Atharva Veda

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Author Dr. R L Kashyap
Language English
ISBN-10 8179940209
Publisher SAKSHI Trust
No. of Pages 146
Binding Softcover

The aim of this book and others in this series is to introduce the eternal wisdom contained in the four Veda Samhitas and explain its relevance for the modern age. We focus on the concerns of the youth regarding the study of Veda. A typical young person has little interest in the Veda since he/she associates Veda with the routine religious rituals. Telling him/her that the Veda is our ancient book and "the backbone of our culture'' makes little impression.

Atharva Veda contains a large number of hymns dealing with health, healing, herbs, and longevity. 

This book is designed to introduce the students to the Vedic methods of developing will-power, memory, inspiration, clarity of thinking, etc., and methods of doing work and studying which brings in joy instead of being regarded as merely boring.

In the first edition of "Essentials of Atharva Veda', only English translations of quoted mantras were given. And the text of mantras was covered in a complimentary book titled, "Wisdom of Atharva Veda'. Now both the books are combined, in this revised edition.