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Yoga Mudra (2 Volumes)

Yoga Mudra (2 Volumes)

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YOGA MUDRA - Dr. Yogesh Waikar’s revelations explores:

• Who am I?

• What is self-realization?

• What is self-application?

• How self-aspiration leads to inspiration, intuition, representation and revelation?

• Whether Self-realization in the applied knowledge is discussed in Brahma-Sutras?

• Upanishads; central gist of Vedic works on self: How to introspect?

• What is the concept of ‘Chhanda’?

• What is the concept of ‘Vak’?

• How inner interactions guide the external forms of self?

The spiritual journey with intense aspiration leads us to revelations. Dr. Yogesh Waikar’s revelations in this book stands as fresh example for living Veda.

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Author: Dr. Yogesh Waikar

Translator: -

Language: English


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