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Symbolism of Marriage

Symbolism of Marriage

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A compact book providing the meaning and process of marriage as envisaged in Hindu culture. This book elaborates on the marriage sacrament (samskara) and the symbolism of rituals. As an appendix, details about the selection of a spouse and the fundamentals of family life are highlighted. A must-read for all, especially youngsters to understand the vastness, symbolism and culture of Hinduism.

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Author: Dr. R V Jahagirdar


Language: English


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About The Book

Husband and Wife of the house-hold have five important celestial obligations viz.

(i) Seeking higher knowledge and wisdom

(ii) Serving the aged and elderly

(iii) Worshipping the Gods or cosmic power

(iv) Serving both invited and uninvited guests

(v) Feeding the earthly creatures to the best of one’s capacity.

Pleasant speech, proper conduct and right thoughts should be the eternal duty of the couple. This is the real celebration. Whole society with all its diversities sustains itself on the sound base of the house-hold righteousness. As the rivers seek refuge in the ocean, be sustained the right house-hold is the refuge of all human beings.


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