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Indra - Lord of Divine Mind

Indra - Lord of Divine Mind

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Indra in the Veda is quite different from Indra in the purana. Indra in Veda is a benevolent cosmic force whose goal is to help human beings in attaining all-round perfection, both individually and in society. This book is a beautiful compilation of various actions of Indra as a giver of knowledge for action, maker of forms, Indra as friend and guide in the journey of life. Symbolic battle between Indra and evil forces like Vritra and the recovery of rays and water is an enlightening experience. Complete text of Indra sahasranama stotra, composed by Kavyakanta Sri Vasishta Ganapati muni is provided for chanting and meditation.

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Author: Rangasami L. Kashyap


Language: English


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