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Essentials of Tantra

Essentials of Tantra

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The tantras aim to bring to the front the bliss which is latent in us. This book aims to convey briefly a variety of knowledge needed for living a harmonious, progressive and satisfying life. This book provides an overview of Tantra, how to begin, Tantra sadhana, five schools of practice including vama marga, books on tantra, Chakras, Kundalini a most importantly, its connection with Veda, Yoga and Mantras. A special chapter on Sri Chakra is a particular highlight. Overall, it provides a comprehensive view of Tantra.

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Author: Rangasami L. Kashyap


Language: English

ISBN: 8179940357

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Note to Readers

The aim of Tantras is to manifest the bliss. It is latent in all beings, since, delight, ananda, is the basis of all manifestation. The tantrics developed the sadhana (program) of the mantra for an all round progress of the individual, including both spiritual and worldly concerns.

This book explores certain aspects of Tantra and their relevance to everyday life. It also tries to answer some questions posed often.

The fundamental thought of Tantra can be traced to the Vedas in general and Rig Veda in particular. The occult truths in the Veda are elaborated in the Tantrik texts.

Tantra is often misunderstood. Interstingly enough, many religious Hindus, who often are inclined to denounce Tantra, so not seem to realize that many of the practices dear to their hearts like the ritual worship at home and temples, the invocation of the deity in icons etc., are all derived and supported by Tantric Knowledge.

‘An incident’ narrated by Sri T.V. Kapali Sastry is in section-3. It helps the readers to understand the things that are supernormal.

We feel contented if this work helps our readers to understand that the Tantra is a great system of divinizing human life.

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Essentials of Tantra