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Essentials of Atharva Veda

Essentials of Atharva Veda

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This book gives a comprehensive look at the entire Atharva Veda, starting from why read Atharva Veda. Details of some essential aspects like Vedic education, healing & healthy longevity, peace, bliss & abundance, inner yajna, polity & governance, selection of spouse & marriage, family life, Vastu, home & its construction, food, rain, time are presented beautifully for modern minds. A chapter dedicated to the hymns to the earth, the first record of man & environment, is a highlight and must-read.

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Author: Rangasami L. Kashyap

Translator: -

Language: English

ISBN: 8179940209

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Customer Reviews

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Great materials and fast shipping!

Love the quality of the materials from Dr. Kashyap! And thanks for shipping to USA!

Gajendra Thakur
Excellent initiative by SAKSHI trust, proud of it

SAKSHI trust is doing a pioneering work

Olaf Schönert
Wonderful overview

This is a wonderful overview of Atharvaveda. Delivery to Germany went very smooth. Thank you :-)

Bhawna Sharma

I am glad that I came across these books. Happy with the services by saksi trust. Nice print quality and quick delivery.

Anand Gosavi
Rug veda

The essentials are well laid down but the exposition is too vague and almost impossible to understand unless one ie I am, well trained in basic studies of Vedas.
Sir Arbindo's teachings are not for a common man like me who understands better in mother toungue. Therefore, literature of Dr Vartak, Osho and Jaggi are easier to understand. I suggest therefore let these volumes be translated into other vernacular languages so that deeper understanding of Vedas becomes easier. Thanks.