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Text in Devanagari, Translation and Notes – 26 Volumes Set

Text in Devanagari, Translation and Notes – 26 Volumes Set

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Rig Veda Samhita 12 Volumes
Krishna Yajur Veda Taittiriya Samhita 4 Volumes
Shukla Yajur Veda Vajasaneyi Samhita 2 Volumes
Sama Veda 2 Volumes
Atharva Veda 6 Volumes




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Abhishek Roy
Blissful Experience

Thanks to SAKSHI for bringing the Vedic knowledge to common people in a simple and clear language.

24 volume set - Complete Vedas with translation by Shri kashyap ji

It is the punya palan of our ancestors that I have procured this .. from whatever little I have gone through.. I see Shri kashyap ji as the reincarnation of the Rishi to represent Vedas in contemporary language ..