Veda Mantra-s and Sukta-s widely used worship


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Widely used in Worship This is a collection of mantras from Rig Veda and Yajur Veda. Some of these are chanted everyday during worship in certain houses and temples. Some others are used on special occasions like the consecration of a house, birthdays, the beginning of school etc. This collection of mantras compliments our two other books of collection of mantras namely, (i) Shanti Mantras and (ii) Rudra Mantras.


1.  Savitr, Purusha And Narayana

Gayatri Mantra
Purusha Sukta
Uttaranarayana Anuvaka
Vishva Purusha Narayana Sukta
Vishnu Mantras

2. Goddesses

Shri Sukta
Vak Sukta
Durga Sukta
Vishnupatni or Aditi
Bhu Sukta
Medha Sukta

3. The Nine Deities

Navagraha Mantras

4. Vastu and House Consecration

Vastu Mantras

Shala Suktam (House at Consecration)
Pardon for Digging

5. Purification and Nourishment

Pavamana Sukta (Punyaha – vachanam)
Mantra Pushpa

6. Correct Chanting and Worship

Error-free and Meaningful Chanting
A Simple Mode of Worship

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