Surya: Inner Light – Mantras from Rig Veda


Pages : ix + 56

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ISBN : 81-7994-074-8

Surya is both the highest Light and the highest Truth. The light of the physical solar orb seen is the physical form or body of that Divine Sun. To the Vedic rishis thre is only one universal Deva of which all other names are alike forms and cosmic aspects. Surya is the symbol of this universal Deva.


(i) Note to the Readers/v

(ii) Abbreviations/vii

(iii) Transliteration Scheme/viii

  1. Surya and Savit¨: An Introduction/1
  2. Surya, the illuminator/3
  3. Powers of Surya/8
  4. Savitar/17
  5. Explanation of Suffering/23
  6. Healing Powers/25
  7. Svar, Sun-world/28
  8. Bhaga Savitr, the Lord of Enjoyment/30
  9. Mitra-Varuna/37
  10. Gayatri Mantra/41
  11. Meditation/45
  12. Rejuvenation/47
  13. The Greatness of Gayatri Mantra/50


1: Women and Gayatri/53

2: More on Healing/55

3: List of mantras quoted/56

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