Soma – The Delight of Existence (Mantras from Rig Veda)


Pages : viii+ 36

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

Soma is the delight of existence. Delight encompasses everything. He is the master of existence. If we call him earnestly he will rush to us. The mantras in this book will help us to know the Soma deva and interact with him.


1 Popular Misconceptions of Soma

2 Secret of the Soma

3 Soma as a Guide to Bliss

4 Some and Truth (rta)

5 The Abode of Soma

6 Soma and Indra as Companions

7 Soma, Seers and Sun

8 Soma and the vivaha with Surya

9 Legend of Soma and the Falcon

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