Secrets of Effective Work


Pages : viii + 40

Size : 1/8  Demy

Cover : Paper Back

This book gives the psychological powers associated with the cosmic power Agni which are useful for everyone in everyday life, especially in all sorts of works done in waking hours. This book focuses on how to develop the psychological powers within us such as the will-power. This book quotes  more than one hundred mantras fromRig Veda Samhita and Yajur Veda Samhita in support of the ideas delineated here.


1   Introduction to Agni

2   What is Work, Who Does it?

3   Nature of Work

4   Divine Will Endowed with Wisdom

5   Agni’s Greatness

6   Agni, the Leader

7   Agni and Rebirth

8   Agni as a Father and Friend : Bhakti Yoga

9   The Awakening of Agni

10 Agni is Born in us and is within

11 Agni Endows and Increases the Inner Felicities

12 Agni’s Actions

13 Intimacy: You in me, I in You

14 Agni and Meditation

15 Agni and Truth

16 Agni and Tantric Methods

17 The First Sukta of Rig Veda

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