Sarasvati – Goddess of Inspiration


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Rig Veda mantras for manifesting inspiration. This power is useful in all professions and it can be developed by following the hints given in the Rig Veda mantras.


1 Introduction

2 Nature of Inspiration and Developing it

3 Understanding Veda: Sri Aurobindo’s Approach

4 Sarasvati is Not a Mere River: Epithets of Sarasvati Dealing with Consciousness

5 Mantra : Its Source and Power

6 Sarasvati in the Tantra Books and Puranas

7 40 Riks Dedicated only to Sarasvati

8 The Goddesses Sarasvati, Ila and Bharati (Mahi)

9 Sarasvati with other Gods and Rivers

10 Usha, the Divine Dawn

11 Conclusion

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