Om – the ultimate word


Pages : IV + 56

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Om is potent word. Om is one letter mantra. Om is the foot-hold of man. Om is transcendental. Transformation is possible through Omkara. Omkara leads to enlightenment. The author has narrated the theory and practice of OM.


  1. Powerful Sound
  2. Om and Pranayama
  3. Om in Upanishad and Scriptures
  4. Om in Yoga-Sutra
  5. Om in Jainism and Buddhism
  6. Om, The Foot-hold of Man
  7. Pranava-japa
  8. Vedantic View
  9. Transcendental Om in Rig Veda
  10. Discovering the Light
  11. Spiritual Discipline
  12. Om in Yoga of Trika System – 1

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