Krishna Yajur Veda Taittiriya Aranyaka Part – 2


Pages  : xxiv + 221

Cover  : Hardbound

ISBN   : 81-7994-154-X

We are happy to publish this book, the second part of the translation of the Taittiriya Aranyaka (TA) in English. TA excluding Upanishads has 6 Prashna-s (or Prapathaka). In 2014, we published the translation of the four prashna-s namely one, two, three and six labelled Part One, This book labelled Part Two has the translation of the two remaining prashna-s namely four and five. There were repeated requests for this book after the appearance of the first part.

Even though all the five Vedas have their own Aranyaka, the Taittiriya Aranyaka associated with the Krishna Yajur Veda is the only one having rik mantras and thus it deserves our special attention.

The fifth prashna has no mantras, it is completely in prose. It is called as a Brahmana since it has only explanations on all the 42 anuvaka-s of the fourth prashna. This fifth prashna has only 12 anuvaka-s. This book is not easy for translation because for every anuvaka of the fourth Prashna, we have to find out the passages in the fifth prashna which gives an explanation of the relevant fourth prashna prashna anuvaka.

The brief passages with heading Kalpa (KP) deals with some details of rituals in the context of the mantras mentioned earlier. The KP are mentioned by Sri Sayana Acharya and our translations five excerpts only. For instance, after 4.20.7 (page 169) there is Kalpa passage which gives the actions to be taken if the contents of Gharma pot overflow due to excessive boiling. Similarly there is a KP after (4.20.15).

Whenever Rig Veda mantra-s appear such (5.81.1) in anuvaka 2 of the Prashna 4, we give the associated spiritual interpretation also.


(i) Note to the Raders / iv

(ii) Acknowledgements / viii

(iii) Pravargya ritual in this book / ix

(iv) Pravargya is the Head of Soma Yajna / xii

(v) The sacred pots in the ritual: Gharma, Mahavira, Samrat / xiii

(vi) The summary of the First 12 anuvaka-s of Fourth Prashna / xiv

(vii) Summary of the remaining 30 anuvaka-s (13-42) / xx

(viii) A brief view of the Agnishtoma Soma Yaga lasting five days and of the Pravargya rite in it / xxii

(ix) Abbreviations / xxiv

I. Text and Translation

Prashna 4 and 5        / 1

II. Appendices

1. Seven Worlds, Lights and Panchajana / 215

2. Index / 219