Indra – Lord of Divine Mind


Pages : iv + 36

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Indra, the lord of the Divine Mind, helps human beings develop the abilities for mental formation and associated actions. Indra is primarily the deity who gives the appropriate knowledge to human beings so that they can perform all their actions. Actions are not limited to those on the physical plane, i.e., those done with our hands, legs, mouth, etc. They include the actions done at inner levels also, the inner vital, inner physical, etc.This book describes the powers of Indra relevant for us today using about one hundred mantras from the Rig Veda and Yajur Veda.


1 Overview of Indra in Veda

2 Giver of Knowledge for Action

3 Maker of Forms 4 Indra as Friend

5 Guidance in the Journey of Life

6 Understanding Veda : Sri Aurobindo’s Approach

7 Symbolic battles: Recovery of Rays and Waters

8 Indra and Soma

9 The Giver of Light : RV (1.4) 10 List of RV Mantras quoted

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