How to Manifest Bliss


Pages : vi + 32

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

This book explains about 38 mantras from Rig Veda dealing with the manifestation of bliss in everyone. Step by step explanation about how to prepare ourselves for bliss and sustaining it.


  1. Knowledge for Getting Bliss   Introduction
    Welcome for all Auspicious Knowledge
    Lead us to the Sages
    Delusion and Vastness
    Aditit : the Power of the Infinity
  2. Doctrine of Bliss,   Happiness, Bliss and Peace
    The Doctrine of Delight (Madhu Vidya)
    Prayers for Longevity
  3. Manifestation and sustaining of Bliss   Vishnu
    Rudra – Shiva
    Durga – Agni
    Invoking the Supreme Savitr or Savitri
    Mantras for Invoking Savitri
    The Japa of the Gayatri Mantra
    The extended Gayatri
  4. Prayers to the Spiritual Sun
  5. Preparation   Mantras for Purification of the Mind and Body
  6. Prayer for Pardon of our Offencess


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