Health and Healing Mantra-s


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This book gives the mantra-s and the associated healing remedies, available in Rig Veda Samhit and Atharva Veda samhita. This book having 27 chapters is in 4 sections.

Section I having 3 chapters gives the overviews. The first chapter delineates some issues connected with Holistic health. Moderns views health as a condition to be free of diseases which are assumed to originate with micro-organisms like virus or bacteria. Since there are billions of virus or bacteria, our natural state, which can be maintained with some care. Of course they were aware of various types of diseases. They suggested not only herbal remedies but also the sonic therapy, i.e. the chanting and hearing of the mantra-s in the Veda Samhita-s. Of course, the role of faith or shraddha is very important, as described in chapter 3.

The section II having 15 chapters gives the healing mantra-s associated with various cosmic powers such as the Sun, Prana (vata, or wind), Waters, Rudra or Shiva, Soma Ashvins etc. There are mantra-s useful in specific cases like childbirth, the onset of sleep etc.

Section III having 3 chapters mentions some alternaive therepies like the use of mani or amulets, Agnihotra and the Japanese healing method Reiki, all of which use mantra-s. The extensive uses of Agnihotra to purify the environment in Europe are detailed in books such as ‘Secrets of the Soil’ by Tompkins and Bird.

Section IV having 6 chapters discusses some related topics such as rejuvenation, trees and herbs, the recovery of persons near death and some traditional and nontraditional clues for being healthy. The important point is that miracles can be performed by ordinary persons y having intense faith.

The last chapter gives the goal of all the vedic sages namely all-sided perfection. We should achieve perfection not only with the body and physical things, but also with psychological aspects such as good and cheerful speech and creativity in all aspects of work one does. It is also called as divinising life.

Life is viewed as an upward journey from one level of perfection to the next higher level of perfection.

Table of Contents

(i) Note to the Readers / v

(ii) Abbreviations / vii

I. Overviews

1. How to Maintain Holistic Health / 1

2. Mantra and its power / 9

3. Faith or Shraddha / 12

II. Waters, Sun and Other Healers

4. Sun as the Healer / 16

5. Prana (Life-energy) as Healer / 19

6. Waters as Healers / 23

7. Rudra as Healer / 31

8. Maruts / 37

9. Soma – The Delight of Existence / 39

10. Ashvins – The Lords of Bliss / 42

11. Aditya-s – The Divine Protectors / 45

12. Agni – The Eradiction of Ignorance & Sin / 48

13. All-gods as Healers / 51

14. child birth / 54

15. Avoiding Miscarriage / 56

16. Diseases of the Eye / 58

17. Sleep / 60

18. Long Life-span and Healthy Longevity / 62

III. Alternative Healing Methods

19. Mani-w for Protection and Prosperity / 67

20. Reiki / 72

21. Agnihotra / 75

IV. SOme Related Topics

22. The Lotuses (or chakra-s) / 77

23. Persons near death: Recovery / 79

24. Rejuvenation / 82

25. Healing Herbs and Trees / 85

26. Clues for Maintaining Health / 87

27. Achieving All-sided Perfection / 90


1. Transliteration Scheme / 98

2. Subject Index / 100

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