Gaytri Mantras


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We are pleased to present to our readers the book authored by the eminent savant and scholar, Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao. It appeared originally in 1998 as volume 3 of the multi volume series entitled, ‘Rig Veda Darshana’. SKR states in the prelude, ‘trtaditionally the study of Rig Veda begins with the Pranava (omkara) and proceeds with the Vyatri-s (Bhuh, Bhuvah and Suvah), the Gayatri Mantra and Purusha Sukta. Hence the first mantra he chose from Rig Veda for commentary is this Gayatri Mantra. We have rearranged the chapters to amke the book user friendly.

The book is aimed both at the beginners and at those already familiar with the mantra. The book explicitly and distinctly gives the twentyfour syllables of the mantra and also the associated deities. SKR wants us to meditate on each syllable before beginning the study.

Table of Contents

Note to the Readers / iv

Part – I

1. Introduction to Gayatri Mantra / 1

2. The Pranava / 6

3. the Vyahrti-s / 7

4. The Gayatri Mantra (Samhita and Pada Patha) / 12

5. The three Key phrases, the Word Meanings and the Essence of Mantra-s / 18

6. Turiya-Pada (darshata) / 27

Part – II

7. Adhiyajna / 29

8. Adhi-Daivata View / 32

9. Adhyatma view and the role of Soma / 39

10. Gayatri in the Upanishads / 46


1. The Text of Rig Veda and its Recensions / 49

2. The Gayatri Mantra of Rishi Atreya / 55

3. Methods of Chanting / 56





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