Ganapathi – Brahmanaspati & Kumara


Pages : vi + 58

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

Ganapati or Brahmanaspati is a Cosmic power. He leads the aspirants on th Divine path appropriate to that person. He removes all the obstacles in the path. Obstacle is something that obstructs human movement or progress. Nature places these obstacles to test one’s perseverance. If one is serious about his/her movement towards progress, a clear guidance comes for the course of action  This  book carries several mantras from the Veda in this context. Chanting them with faith suggests a course of action.


1 Introduction and Overview

2 What is a Mantra?

3 The Well-known Mantra of Rishi Grtsamada

4 Obstacles, Calamities and Guidance

5 Fights Against the Hostile Forces with Mantras

6 Grantor of Riches, Felicities and Bliss

7 Release from Debts

8 Honey and the Delight of Existence

9 Soul-Power

10 Creation of Cosmic Level

11 Legends and their Symbolism

12 Murti of Ganapati and Its Significance

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