Atharva Veda Kanda – 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Volume – 1)


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Welcome o this book giving the text and translation of all the 914 mantra-s contained in 142 sukta-s of the first four Kanda-s of Atharva Veda Samhita.

For most Hindu-s, only Upanishads are the sources of the wisdom. There are at least 108 Upanishads, among which 12 or 13 are called as major Upanishads. If we bound them in a single book, it will be half the size of Rig Veda or less. In these books, which appeared much later than the Veda-s, the aim of human life was regarded as the realization of the highest spiritual idea, Brahman or atman. One should not spend much time on the worldly things. A barrier was set up between the so called worldly life and spiritual life.

The four Veda books were viewed as dealing with only ritual acts known as outer yajna (as contrasted with the inner yajna). The Athaarva Veda was censured as being, ‘most worldly’ ‘dealing with black magic’. We do not go here about how these views originated or how they became entrenched. Thus to get some benefit from the Atharva Veda, we have to understand the fundamental axioms or ideas on which it is based. These basic axioms are explored in the essay (iii), ‘How to read Atharva Veda’, P. x.

There are several commentaries in Sanskrit on the four Veda-s, and several English translations of all the four veda-s, some done in the twentieth century. I have discussed them in some detail in the appendix 4 entitled, ‘The other commentaries and Translations’, in the SAKSHI book, ‘Rig Veda Samhita: Tenth Mandala’.

Table of Contents

(i) Acknowledgements / v

(ii) not to the Readers / Vi

(iii) How to Read Atharva Veda / x

(iv) Overview of the entire Atharva Veda / xv

(v) Overview of the Kanda-s 1 through 4 / xxi

(vi) The Rishi-s of Atharva Veda / xxii

(vii) Overview of the Powers of the Gods / xxiii

(viii) Symbolism of the Gods / xxv

(ix) Common Words as symbols / xxvii

(x) Abbreviations / xxviii

I. The Text, Translation and Notes on 914 mantra-s

Kanda     Sukta-s       Number of mantra-s         Page 

1                35                       153                          1

2                36                      207                         43

3                31                      230                         98

4               40                      324                        168

II. Appendices

1. SAKSHI Bhashya on the four Veda-s / 268

(Background, Challenges and my Contributions)

2. Achievements of SAKSHI / 284

3. Are Sorcery and Witches mentioned in AV? / 290

4. Spiritual meanings of Some Words / 293

5. Note o Transliteration / 295

6. References / 297

7. Subject Index for the entire AV, ( Vols. 1 to 6) / 299


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