Agni Sahasranama (For enhancing the Will Power)


The general impression conveyed by the verses of Rig Veda and Yajur Veda is that Agni is a Divine Force endowed with consciousness. The epithet Kavi or seer, or one who has supraphysical visions, is commonly used for Agni.

Agni manifests his power in human beings as the commonly used epithet, “born in man”, implies. He summons the other divine powers also to manifest in man, hence the name ‘summoner’ for Agni. Agni can be approached by thought as well by the recitation of the mantra. The rishi prays to the conscious power Agni, not merely for physical wealth like cows, but for all-round felicities, opulence and ultimately for the supreme knowledge and bliss.

All those aspiring to have an excellent will power can listen or chant ‘Agni Sahasranama’.