Agni in Rig Veda – 300 Mantras with Spiritual Meaning


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Agni is the most important God in the Vedic hymns. Agni is not a mere physical fire. He is the lord of Divine Will. Agni is a cosmic force with the qualities of light (or knowledge) and power in perfect harmony. He is the Divine Will who impels human beings to begin all the necessary activities. The first hymn of Rig Veda is addressed to Agni.

This book contains the text, transliteration, translation and commentary of all the 315 mantras in the first 34 Suktas dedicated to Agni in the first Mandala and in the 2 other Suktas of the First Mandala of Rig Veda.


Overview of the Book  vi

Foreword (Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao)      vii

(iii) Preface & Acknowledgements    ix

(iv) This Translation and the others    xi

(v) Abbreviations        xiv

(vi) Transliteration Scheme    xv

  1. Introductory Essays

Overview of Rig Veda           1

Spiritual Interpretation of Veda          6

(Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao)

  1. Meanings of Sanskrit Words 14
  2. Agni, the Mystic Fire 15
  3. Text and Translation of the 36 S¦ktas

Ri¾hi Madhuchchhandaª

1.1: Adoration of Agni (9)      17

Ri¾hi Medhatithiª

1.12: Agni: the Envoy (12)     28

1.13: The Powers that Fill (12)           34

Ri¾hi Shunahshepaª

1.26: Intimacy of Agni (10)    40

1.27: Agni as Universal-life (13)        43

Ri¾hi Hira´yast¦paª

1.31: Agni Dwells in All Human Beings (18)            48

Ri¾hi Ka´va Ghauraª

1.36: Agni: Kindled with Words by Gods (20)          58

Ri¾hi Praska´va Ka´vaª

1.44: Agni Nourishes & Pervades Us (14)     68

1.45: Agni Worships Men (10)           74

Ri¾hi Nodha Gautamaª

1.58: Giver of Supreme Bliss (9)        78

1.59: Universal Divine Force and Will (Vaishvanara) (7)     83

1.60: Agni, Rich in Thought (5)         87


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