4 Veda-s : Set of 26 Volumes (Packing & Handling Charges Rs. 1000 Included)


Welcome to the world of Veda-s

The Vedas are the pillars of Indian culture. All men with wisdom have acknowledged it. The contents of Vedas are oriented to the well being of the whole world. The philosophy and way of life expounded in Veda protect all that is good for mankind. Excellent education system, a harmonious and healthy social structure, an ideal Family tradition, polity and political system of a true welfare state, a harmonious life pattern, and an equality of all mankind irrespective of the distinction of caste, creed, clan, and sex – are propounded in the Veda.

Health required for the body, peace needed for the mind, solitude, a requisite for the soul – all these are found in the Veda. In short, Veda is a need for all. It is an ocean. It encompasses both the microcosm and macrocosm. But to make all this available one needs to be ready to dive deep into the ocean and fathom its depths. True seekers are sure to find myriad ways; and those who hurriedly skip over and overlook this are bound to lose their way out. Veda knowledge is more relevant today than the time it was revealed.

Love should ooze out from every heart, creativity should bloom, comfort, plentitude and happiness of all mankind should flourish. To achieve this, knowledge of the Veda is needed. Sages have shown clear path of ascendance and evolution of man. We all need to be abreast with it, and pursue it. For that, the knowledge of Veda should be propagated far and wide. SAKSHI is bound to that goal.

The Veda is important because of the high human values it upholds, and because of its relevance to all mankindand for all time. The true import of the Veda lies in its hidden teaching, the ninya or rahasya. The Veda itself indicates this. Dr. Kashyap’s effort in this context may be termed valiant, heroic; it is also innovative.

– Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao

Dr. Kashyap’s approach is methodical, scientific and consistent. As a result we see the real purpose of the Vedic yajna, the ritual sacrifice.

– Rand Hicks | IKSC, USA