Books by Ambalal Purani

His two books on veda are:

(i) Studies in Vedic Interpretation; Published by Chowkhamba, Sanskrit series, 1963.

It compares the interpretation of Sri Aurobindo with those of Sayana and yaska. He undertook the task of translating all the riks having key words such as rtam and showed how the meaning assignment of Sri Aurobindo was approved. In contrast Sayana gives twenty one different meanings in different verses. Similarly he discussed words such as ‘Satya’‘gau’‘Urvasi’, Sarasvati. He compares two in detail the interpretations of Sayana, Yaska and Auroindo for about fifty Rig Veda Mantra-s.

(ii) Sri Aurobindo Vedic Glossary: Based on the translations of Sri Aurobindo, he assigned meanings for about 7500 words. He also gives the grammatical notes given by Sri Aurobindo for about 500 words occurring in Veda

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