Prayer for Peace, Amity and Happiness

This chapter SYV (36) has several prayers addressed to all the divinities. The third verse SYV (36.3) is the famous prayer to the Supreme Lord Savitŗ, popularly known as Gāyatri of the sage Vishvāmitra. The original mantra is in Rigveda (3.62.10). Here, there is a prefix namely

‘bhūr bhuvaĥ svaĥ’ ‘Earth, Midregion, Heaven or Perfect world’.

The remaining part is:

tat savitur vareņyam bhargo devasya dhīmahi, dhiyo yo naĥ prachodayāt

The verses SYV (36.14) – (36.15) are dedicated to the energies or waters which also occur in RV (10.9.1) – RV (10.9.2)

I take refuge in rik, the Word;

I take refuge in yajus, the Mind;

I take refuge in sāman, the breath;

I take refuge in sight and hearing.

Energy of speech with strength and my in-breath and outbreath! YVS (36.1)


Whatever defect I have of eye, of heart, of mind,

or whatever excess there is,

may Brhaspati remedy it.

Gracious to us be the Lord of the world. YVS (36.2)


Earth, midworld, Heaven!

The adorable glory of Sāvitri, God, we contemplate.

May he arouse our intellect. YVS (36.3)


By that means may the wonderful, gracious, ever-prospering friend

be present with us,

by what most powerful song invoked ? YVS (36.4)


What is the true and most noble of

joyous draughts that will inspire thee

to loosen the firmly held wealth ? YVS (36.5)


Be thou by us, thy friend,

Protector of thy singers,

with a hundred aids. YVS (36.6)


With what aids, O Hero! dost thou delight us?

what dost thou bring to thy worshippers? YVS (36.7)


Indra is King over all;

may there be grace on the biped, grace on the quadruped. YVS (36.8)


Gracious be Mitra to us and gracious Varuņa, Aryamān;

gracious be Indra, Brhaspati, and gracious Vişhņu of wide stride. YVS (36.9)


May the wind blow us health and the sun shine cheer on us,

and may Parjanya with loud noise rain his grace on us. YVS (36.10)


May days be full of bliss for,

and nights approach us with bliss.

Blissful to us be Indra and Agni with their aids,

blissful to us be Indra and Varuņa to whom our offerings are made,

blissful to us be Indra and Pūşhan in battle,

and blissful Indra and Soma to grant us health and happiness. YVS (36.11)


Gracious be divine Waters for

our protection, be they for our drink,

and stream on us health and happiness. YVS (36.12)


Pleasant be thou to us, O Earth,

thornless, and our resting place!

Give us far-extending shelter. YVS (36.13)


Waters, you are health-giving;

bestow on us energy, so

that we may look on great delight. YVS (36.14)


Give us a share of your most beneficent rapidity,

like mothers longing with love. YVS (36.15)


So, gladly do we with you

to the home for which you make us live;

Waters! gives us progeny. YVS (36.16)


The peace in the sky, the peace in the mid-air,

the peace on the earth, the peace in waters,

the peace in plants, the peace in forest trees,

the peace in All devās, the peace in Brahman,

the peace in all things, the peace in peace,–

may that peace come to me! YVS (36.17)


Strong One, make me strong.

May all beings with the eye of friend!

May I look on all beings with the eye of friend!

May we look on one another with the eye of friend! YVS (36.18)


Strong One, make me strong!

May I live long to look on thee!

May I live long to look on thee! YVS (36.19)


Welcome to thy wrath and to thy glow!

Our welcome to be thy flame!

Let thy missiles burn our enemies.

Be our purifier, be graceful to us! YVS (36.20)


Welcome to the lightning, welcome to the thunder,

homage to thee, glorious Lord, who winnest us heavenly light. YVS (36.21)


Make us free from the fear of all that thou wishest;

give bliss to our children, security to our animals. YVS (36.22)


Friendly be to us waters and plants,

and unfriendly be they to him

who is hostile to us and to whom we are hostile. YVS (36.23)


That Eye of the sky, divinely placed, rising bright before us,

may we see for a hundred autumns !

And may we live for a hundred autumns,

may we hear for a hundred autumns,

may we speak for a hundred autumns,

and may we hold our heads high for a hundred autumns,

yes, even more than a hundred autumns. YVS (36.24)

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