Symbolism of Some Proper Nouns / Names

Agni: Fire; It is the cosmic power of heat and light and the will power united with wisdom. Human will power is a feeble projection of this power. It can be strengthened by the RV chants to Agni.

Indra: He is the Lord of the Divine Mind and Action. In Indian tradition, mind is not a source of knowledge, it manipulates the knowledge to aid action. Indra battles the evil forces on behalf of the human.

Vāyu: Wind; He is the Lord of all the Life-energies, Prāņa which represent the passions, feelings, emotions and abilities.

Ashvins: The Lords of Bliss and Divine Physicians who render the human body free of disease so that it can accept the divine  Prāņa, the life-energy.

Mitra: The Lord of Love and Harmony.

Varuņa: The Master of Infinities who cannot tolerate restrictive thinking or actions. Only he can cut the three bonds which restrict the three aspects of every human being – physical, vital and mental.

Sarasvati: The Goddess of inspiration

Iļa: The Goddess of revelation.

Sarama: The Goddess of intuition.

Sūrya: The Supreme Deity of Light and Force.

Symbolism of some common nouns

go: Cow;  each go stands for a particular type of Light  or  Knowledge.

ashva: Horse;  stands for the vital energy which the devās can bestow.

adri: Hill; the force or beings of inconscience and ignorance.

āpah: Water; the divine energies flowing from the heights purifying all mankind.

nadi: River;  the flowing current of energies.

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