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Primarily made up of two triangles, one pointing upward and the other pointing downward. The triangle pointing upwards indicates the aspiration of humans towards the attainment of all-around perfection or divinization. The triangle pointing downwards indicates the descending grace of the divine in helping the humans in their tasks.

At the bottom (down) is the state with very little consciousness. At the top (up) is the condition of highest consciousness.

The six vertices of the two triangles symbolise the seven worlds, the seven steps in the ladder of consciousness.

The space between the two triangles signifies the world of mahas, also known as super mind or the ‘supramental world’. The supramental world, propounded by Shree Aurobindo, is the highest level of consciousness that One can and needs to attain to experience Cosmic Oneness.

The waters represent our world with all its happiness and miseries.

The lotus represents the human being, with his/her powers blooming. The human being is powered by the supramental Sun of the mahas world, as indicated by the symbol of Sun.

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