Work, Enjoyment and Progress – Q & A


Pages : ix + 139

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

ISBN : 81-7994-010-1

A scientist’s approach to self-help focusing on the wisdom of the scriptures of the Hindus such as Rig Veda Samhita, Isha Upanishad and Bhagavad Gita.


Part I: Aim of Life  

  1. Goal of Life
  2. Work and Hobbies
  3. All-round Perfection of Body
  4. Body
  5. The Devine
  6. Human Being and the Devine
  7. Aim of Life

Part II: Work  

  1. Body and Consciousness
  2. Ego and Personality Development
  3. Experience the Devine
  4. What is Work?
  5. How Does One Do Work?
  6. Awareness while Doing Action
  7. Conscious Walking: Example
  8. Type of Work and Personality Development
  9. Personality Development and Hinduism
  10. Source of Misinformation
  11. Way of Doing Work

19(A). Work & Result: More Details

19(B).Work as in Gita: Case Study of SAKSI

  1. Home-makers’ Role
  2. Commenting on the Work of Others
  3. Sticky Aspect of Work
  4. Workaholics
  5. Quitting Job
  6. Exhaustion after Work
  7. Decision-Making and Silence
  8. Calm Mind for a Better Grasp
  9. Positive and Negative Thoughts
  10. Effect of Negative Thoughts – Examples
  11. Beginning of Creative Work: Resistance
  12. Development of Will Power
  13. Can All Develop Will Power?
  14. Devine Help
  15. Is Prayer a Superstition?
  16. Prayer: Correct Attitude

35(A). Prayer on Behalf of Others: Anecdote

  1. Work in Changing World
  2. Accepting Challenge of Change: Anecdotes
  3. Success in Life and Pursuit of Ideals
  4. from Failure to Success: Anecdote
  5. Success and Failure: Anecdote of C. V. Raman

Part III Enjoyment  

  1. Happiness
  2. Work and Enjoyment
  3. Mundane Work
  4. Enjoyment in Conversation
  5. Unhappiness
  6. Unhappiness in Work-place
  7. Boredom
  8. Need, Manifesting Talents and Desire
  9. Clarification of Desire
  10. Money
  11. Money, Asceticism and Consumerism
  12. Money and Mahalakshmi
  13. Types of Spiritual Ideals
  14. Action and Renunciation
  15. Renunciation and Poverty in Society

55A. Poverty and Enjoyment

55B. Eradication of Poverty

  1. Perfection and Technology
  2. Goal of Perfection and Hinduism
  3. All-round Perfection: Necessary for All
  4. Live for a Hundred Years