Why Read Rig Veda?


Pages : vi + 90

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

ISBN : 81-900979-3-8

The book emphasis the universal values which are upheld in Rig Veda like liberty and equality for one and all in society.

The twenty five essays in this book give a broad overview of spiritual and psychological wisdom in the Rig Veda Samhita. The author has answered some of the questions raised often on this subject.


  1. Summary
  2. The Essence of Rig Veda
  3. Critics of Rig Veda
  4. Women in the Vedic Age
  5. Concept of Freedom
  6. Perfection & Education
  7. Rid Veda Mantra
  8. Veda in Indian Tradition
  9. Why read Rig Veda?
  10. Symbolism in Rig Veda
  11. Deva
  12. Yajna
  13. Cosmology and Consciousness
  14. Human Psychology
  15. Agni
  16. The First Hymn of RV
  17. Soma
  18. Sarasvati
  19. Aditi
  20. Indra
  21. Sin, Evil, Hostile Forces and Purification
  22. Veda and the Upanishad
  23. Veda Way of Life
  24. Technology in the Veda
  25. Date of the Rig Veda
  26. References
  27. Text of quoted mantras