The Light of Veda – A Practical Approach


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This book helps to understand the hidden meaning in the mantras, gives a glimpse of Vedic literature from the point of view of modern man.

I. Overview of Vedas

1. Grouping of Books
2. Names of the Books
3. Four Mantra-Samhita Books
Rig Veda Samhita
Yajur Veda Samhita
Sama Veda Samhita
Atharva Veda Samhita
4. Legend of Varaha and Brahmana Books
5. Araņyaka Books
6. Upanishads
7. Mimamsaka or Ritualist Interpretation
8. The View of Vedanta
9. View of Sayana
10. Notes

II. Spiritual Interpretation and the Symbolism of Yajna
1. Questions Posed
2. Essence of the Spiritual Interpretation
3. Two-fold Meaning of Mantras
4. Spiritual Interpretation of the Riks: Some Examples
5. The Symbolism of Riks Conveyed by Double Meaning
6. The Outer Ritual Yajna and its Inner or Subtle Counter Part
6.1 The Symbolism of the Priests
Hotr Priest: Summoner
Adhvaryu Priest: Adhvara Means Journey
Udgata Priest
Brahma Priest
6.2 Symbolism of Offerings
6.3 Results of the Yajna
7. Symbolism of the Worlds
8. The Four Key Ideas in the Secret of the Veda
9. Conclusion
10. Notes

III. Mantra: Its Nature and Meaning
1. Unusual Nature of Rig Vedic Poetry
2. Mantras themselves Reveal the Secret
3. Eternity of the veda and the Role of Rishis
4. Yaska and Bŗhad Devata on the Mantra
5. Use of Veda for Attaining Objects
6. Speciality of the Rig Vedic Poetry
7. Notes

IV. The Method of Initiation, Diksha
1. Initiation: A Guarded Secret
2. Agni, Kindled, Grows by Himself
3. Notes

V. Conclusions
1. Veda is a Record of Spiritual Experiences, Not Dialectics
2. Notes


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