Semantics of Rig Veda


Pages : ix + 188

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Syntax (or grammar) and Semantics are the two wings of a language. Syntax gives the set of rules to construct sentences which are legal in the language. Semantics is the study of the meanings of words and phrases. Every legal sentence need not be meaningful. For instance the sentence, ‘the mantra-chant smashed a hill’ is legally correct, but makes no sense. The Sanskrit of Veda mantras is substantially different from the classical Sanskrit. The grammar of the sanskrit of Veda mantras is relatively simple consisting of short phrases and short sentences having less than 4 or 5 words. In the present book, the author has discussed the semantics of Rig Veda, i.e. how to understand the meaning of Rig Veda mantras.


1 The Basic Question and Examples

2 Message of Rig Veda

3 Preliminary Study of Words

4 Tree-structure and the 80-20 Rule

5 Word-groups

6 Gods and Demons