Sama Veda: Uttara Archika


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All the Mantra-s of SV except for 102 mantra-s (66 in purva-archika and 36 in uttara archika) are in Rig Veda Samhita. Thus Sama Veda is a compilation of the mantra-s of Rig Veda. Is it one compilation or are there two compilations here? The Purva Archika with its 650 mantra-s is divided into 5 Kanda-s; all the mantra-s in the same Kanda are usually attributed to the same deity; there is no division of a Kanda into sukta-s. On the other hand, the Uttara archika is divided into 22 adhyaya-s coming from the same sukta in RV. There are 400 sukta-s in the Uttara archika. Thus purva Archika by itself is a compilation, so also is Uttara-archika. Thus Sama Veda is made of two different compilations. What is the logic behind each compilation? This question is answered in the essay in section (iii).

Viewing the Sama Veda as made up of two independent compilations answers an important questions. Out of the 650 mantra-s of Purva Archika, 257 are repeated in Uttara archika. This repetition does not make sense if SV is regarded as a single book. When it is viewed as made up of two compilations, a plausible reason arises. In some sense, these 257 mantra-s were regarded as very important; them their presence was necessary in both the compilations, especially since the persons who compiled them were (probably) the same. Again 12 mantra-s of Uttara Archika are repeated in itself. About 4 mantra-s occur thrice in SV.

Table of Content

i) Acknowledgments / vi

ii) Introduction /vii

iii) Sama Veda viewed as two compilations / xi

iv) Details of contributions of RV, YV and AV / xiii

v) Sukta-s for the various deities / xv

vi) Pride in one’s shakha and the common mantra-s / xvii

vii) Sama gana / xix

viii) Upanishads on the Sama Veda and its connections / xx

ix) Message of the Veda / xxii

x) Gods of the Veda and their powers / xxv

xi) Format of the explanation of Mantra-s / xxvii

xii) Contents of the Appendices / xxviii

xiii) Abbreviations / xxix

I.   Text and Translation of Uttara Archika with 1225 mantra-s  

Adhyaya-s      Mantra-s         Sukta-s           Page

1 – 6              651 – 1030        128                  1

7 – 13          1031 – 1488         130             137

14 – 22        1489 – 1875         142             292

II.  Appendices

  1. Mantra-s common to RV, SV and YV / 420
  2. Mantra-s common to SV and AV / 425
  3. Rishi-s of Sama Veda / 431
  4. Agni, Indra and Veda / 434
  5. Deeper meanings of Some words / 439
  6. Highlights of Translation / 442
  7. Note on the Devanagari text / 445
  8. Note on transliteration / 447
  9. Subject Index / 449
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