Rig Veda Samhita Mandala – 1 (Part two)


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We are happy to present to our readers the translation of the 771 mantra-s of the 71 sukta-s (1.51 – 1.121) of the First Mandala.

The format of the translation is same as that in the translation of all other Rig Veda Mandala-s focusing on the four or more pada-s of each mantra individually.

We request our kind readers to see the following essays in “Rig Veda Samhita: Mandala One (Part One)”.

a) The uniqueness of this book (essay iii)

b) Foreword by Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao, (essay iv)

c) Spiritual Interpretation of Veda:An introduction      (essay v)

d) The Secret of the Veda in Aphorisms (essay vi)

e) Overview of Rig Veda (essay vii)

f) Yajna (essay xiv)

g) The sources of this translation (essay xv)

Regarding the methodology for assigning the meaning of the words appearing in the mantra-s, we refer the reader to the book, ‘Semantics of Rig Veda’ (SAKSHI).

The list in essay (v) groups the sukta-s by deity. Thus a reader who is interested in a particular deity like Agni can go directly to the relevant sukta-s.

Table of Contents

Foreword by the Revered Bhashyam Swamiji / v

Acknowledgements / vi

Note to the Readers / vii

Titles of Sukta-s: 51 – 121 / viii

Deities in Sukta-s: 51 – 121 / xi

Rishis of the Sukta-s: 51 – 121 / xi

Overview of the 71 Sukta-s / xii

Symbolism of the Gods / xvi

Some Common Words / xviii

Abbreviation / xx

I. Text, Translation and Notes for 771 mantra-s

Section       Sukta-s             Rishi                      Page

VII             51 – 57              Savya                       1

VIII            58 – 64              Nodha                     42

IX              65 – 73              Parashara                84

X               74 – 93               Gotama                   124

XI              94 – 115            Kusta and others   226

XII            116 – 121          Kakshivan               351

II. Appendices

  1. References / 403
  2. Subject / 406
  3. Index of Sanskrit words / 407
  4. Note on Transliteration / 412


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