Pranayama with Postures


Pages : viii + 60

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

ISBN : 81-900979-6-2

The books help to learn the art of breathing for healthy living and well being.
Deals with the rationale of Pranayama, correcting incorrect breathing habits, yoga-nidra, panic charging, yoga for eyes etc.


  1. Need for Breath Control Exercises
  2. What is Prana? What does it do?
  3. Pranayama or Breath-Control: A Practicum
  4. Correcting Faulty Breathing
  5. Asanas for Specific Health Problems
  6. Cleansing Breaths or Advanced Forcing Techniques
  7. Relief of Pain in Joints and Back
  8. Prana Charging and Tension Releasing
  9. Yoga Nidra
  10. Yoga for Eyes