Further Lights on the Veda


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SAKSHI is pleased to present a new edition of a most sought book by Sri T. V. Kapali Sastry. it has been titled as, ‘Further Lights on the Veda’. A book of the same title was published in 1951, and reprinted in 1971, now is a part of the Volume 1 of the Collected Works of TVK. But the present book contains all the essays in it and several others on the Veda which are in other volumes of the Collected Works of TVK.

This book is part of our plan to bring out  a newer edition of all the books of TVK mainly in English with footnotes in Devanagari. The first step in this plan is to bring out the books dealing with Veda.

This book is an excellent sequel to the book, ‘A New Light on the Veda’. WE may recall that this book is basically an English rendering of the Bhumika of the book, ‘Siddhanjana’, which is completely in Sanskrit and in Devanagari script. The main book Siddhanjana which is now in Volumes 4, 5 and 6 of the Collected Works. It gives extensive translation and commentry of the first 121 sukta-s of Rig Veda with 1370 mantra-s. One of the great achivements of the book is that it gives extensive cross referencing for the ideas presented therein with the mantra-s in the other 9 Mandala-s where the same ideas are mentioned in a different way. Sri TVK follows to the core the dictum of Sri Auroobindo, that, “Veda itself gives the key to the Veda”. We do not have to go to the Brahmana books or the Purana books.

Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents  / iv

(i) Note to the Reader / vi

(ii) Overview of the Present Book / ix

  1. Sri Aurobindo and The Veda (RV 1.77) / 1
  2. The Initiation (diksha) and The Mystic Fire / 10
  3.  The Supreme One (tat ekam) and the Gods (devah) in the Rig Veda / 20
  4. Agni / 44
  5. The devah of The Apri Hymns : The Powers That Fill / 59
  6. An outward Rite and its inner meaning (RV 1.28) / 80
  7. Sphota and the Spoken Word / 99
  8. Four Parts of speech and the Commentry on RV (1.164.45) / 118


  1. The Eternal Veda (Sri M.P. Pandit) / 127
  2. Integral Yoga and the Vedic Experience (Sri M.P. Pandit) / 135
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