Essentials of Rig Veda


Pages : ix + 79

Size : 1/8 Demy

Cover : Paper Back

ISBN : 81-7994-043-8

After the publication of book, “Why Read Rig Veda”, in 1998 there has been persistent requests for a book on Rig Veda summarizing the key ideas in its ten Mandalas. This book is response to such requests.

1. Overviews
Vedic Wisdom
Overview of Mantra
Overview of Rig Veda
Chhandas & Accent Marks
Vedic Gods
Message of the Rig Veda
Seperate Overviews of the Ten Mandalas
2. Cosmic Powers and Their Mantras
Agni & the Guidance in Work
Indra, the Lord of Divine Mind and Vayu
Divine Sun
Savitr and the Gayatri of Rishi Vishvamitra
Bhaga : The Distributor of Delight
Ganapati, Brahmanaspati and Brhaspati
Ashvins, the Lords of Bliss
Soma, the Delight of Work
Aditi, the Goddess of Infinity
Rbhus, the Divine Artisans
Sarasvati, Usa and Durga
3. Topics and the Associated Mantras
Life an Ascent and the Journey
Mantras for Piece and Felicities
Heart’s Work
Divine Doors in the Subtle Body
Experience of the Supreme Being by Identity
Transcendent Reality
Unity and Universal
Philosophical Insights
One and Many: Do all paths lead to the same goal?
Lotus in the Head
Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion)
Purusha Sukta
Creation Hymns
Symbolism of Horse and the Horse-Sacrifice
Secret Words and the Deity
Marriage of Soma with Surya
Urvashi and the Suktas with dialogues
Healing Plants and Thoughts
Miscellaneous Topics covered Elsewhere

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