Essentials of Atharva Veda


Pages :  vi + 105

Size :  1/8 Demy

Cover :  Paper Back

ISBN : 81-7994-020-9

This book throws light the on views and achievements of the Vedic age which are relevant even today. The Atharva Veda gives unique principles of education, health and longevity, family life, vastu, polity and governance, selection of spouse, marriage etc.


  1. Why Read Atharva Veda?
  2. Vedic Education
  3. Healing and Healthy Longevity
  4. Peace, Bliss and Abundance
  5. Gods and their Psychological Powers 6. Inner Yajna
  6. The Earth
  7. Polity and Governance
  8. Protection in Conflicts: Inner and Outer
  9. Selection of Spouse and Marriage
  10. Family Life
  11. Vastu, Home and its Construction
  12. Professions and Caste
  13. Food, Ray-Cows and Horse: Symbolism
  14. Rain
  15. Time, Decimal System and Infinity
  16. The Sanctity of AV and the Negative Views
  17. Spiritual and Philosophical Hymns
  18. Good Sayings or Subhashita
  19. Conclusion
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